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Who am I?

My Background

I am not a full time trainer, I am a middle school math teacher.   I work 8am-5pm M-F so I train my clients in the evenings.  I don't get to workout everyday so I try to maximize my workouts, eat well, and stay active in my day to day routines.  

I have experience in coaching Cross Country, Track and Field, and competitive cheerleading.  I tore my ACL in 2013 and during my rehab I fell in love with

Knowledge/ Training Expertise

My personal training style involves combination movements and HIIT.  I constantly seeking out new ways to use resistance bands, medicine balls, TRX movements, kettle bells, etc. 

I have worked with athletes both male and female, ages 8 to 60+

I train runners at the middle school and high school levels.

I've written programming for sports-specific training goals, toning, weight-loss and overall conditioning.

Training and Nutritional Philosophies

If we keep an athlete's mindset we won't "exercise" because we "have to" instead we will "train" because we have goals to tackle.   

Unless prescribed by a doctor, I do not believe in dieting.  Balanced eating is a lifestyle.  Carbs are a necessity if you are training, they are not your enemy.  If you know you need to clean up your eating, simple tweaks on what you normally order or prepare is a great place to start.


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